Wine glass funnel

Rethinking the culture of drinking.

Some prefer drinking beer from the bottle/can, most prefer glass, both socially acceptable – Glass is possibly considered a bit more ‘fancy’.
Wine on the other hand should always be in glasses, furthermore, specific kinds of glasses for each type of wine. Drinking from the wrong type of glass can be frowned upon. Drinking from the bottle is not socially acceptable.
Same with a lot of other beverages.

Most drinks are meant for glasses for the full flavor and aroma. Most can agree on that though. Then there are just personal quirks, for example, with soda. Soda is only drinkable in glass, even though it comes originally from a plastic bottle, in my opinion, etc. Both socially acceptable though.

Then there is the amount of wine (in this case) that is acceptable. One glass is considered fine few evenings in a week, and even healthy according to some. But drinking more than that, then you might have a problem.

It’s interesting to think about the cultures and traditions that have developed around different beverages. There are specific glasses for specific types of drinks that are supposed to make them taste better. What is socially acceptable and what not. Does the way you choose to drink a beverage say something about your social status.

In this example, you are using a wine glass to drink the wine, and it’s technically only one glass that you’re drinking. So you should be socially accepted, right?

School project turning abstract.