The concept behind Table.png is playing around with the contrast of the material properties, giving the illusion that the hard and thick wood bends like a soft material when the steel frame is formed around it, holding it in place.

Originally it was a joke though about .png images that are supposed to be without a background but someone has gone through the trouble of making the checkered pattern so it looks like the background is transparent. Making furniture that is based on the same thought. The checkered background is supposed to imply that there is just the design itself but like with some images, it is actually part of the furniture.

For those who are not familiar with this luxury problem; when you search for images in png format, they sometimes come without a background. Then it has this grey/white checkered background to imply it. So when working on an adobe program, for example, you don’t have to start by removing the background because it’s already transparent.

For more of a deeper concept, it’s possible to make a connection about the increasing online shopping and consumerism. Buying things online that look different from what you assumed.

The actual table design