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Billiard ring


During a game of billiard with friends in the year 2012, I realized as much as I like the game, I wasn’t so good at it. Through a joke about needing some help in the form of a ring to keep the cue steady, the billiard ring was born.

The billiard ring offers multiple ways to support the billiard cue. It’s especially convenient when you have the cue over another ball. You can fit it up on your keychain when you’re not using it.

It is made out of 3 mm thick plexiglass and comes in 6 sizes, it’s measured by the diameter of the index finger and it’s better to have it little bigger than too tight. Suitable for righties and lefties.

It comes in red, black and white.


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XS – 16 mm, S – 18 mm, M – 20 mm, L – 22 mm, XL – 24 mm, XXL – 26 mm


Red, White, Black