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Play billiard with style and confidence!

It's also especially convenient to use the ring to reach a ball when there is another one in the way, with stability.
The billiard ring comes in three colors - red, white and black and 6 different sizes.
The size is measured according to the width of the joint on your index finger (where it is thickest).

XS - 16 mm
S - 18 mm
M - 20 mm
L - 22 mm
XL - 24 mm
XXL - 26 mm

Free shipping wherever you are, even Antarctica! Is there a billiard table even?

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2 Comments on “Shop”

  1. Ingenious invention!
    The billiard ring is an ingenious invention.
    It is stable, looks stylish and is very helpful in difficult situations.
    Thank you for the fast shipping

  2. this billiard ring works fantastically for anyone with short fingers

    I ordered 2 medium and they were 2 small for my fingers so gave them to 2 females and they help them shooting over a ball

    IF you are a male I would suggest the 22 or 24mm, better to be looser than not fit well