Málfríður the book chair

Málfríður is the result of a need for a chair and books taking up too much space at home. Books are not just full of knowledge, they are also made out of soft material. I designed and made a book chair where you can store your books and at the same time know where you stopped reading each book because you lay them over the steel bars. When the books are not being read you can use them to sit on as a chair. I made it at steel workshop the year 2013 and it took about 2 months to finish it.

Málfríður is named after one of my ancestresses, it’s a strong Icelandic name like the chair is strong. Surprisingly it’s pretty okay to sit in, with the books of course.

The book chair has been displayed in two exhibitions, my solo exhibition at Borgarbókasafnið, Reykjavík in March 2013 and on group exhibition The Art of Being Icelandic at Reykjavík City Hall, July 2013. It’s currently displayed in Iceland at Borgarbókasafnið, Tryggvagata on the 5th floor.