My B.sc thesis in landscape architecture is about making a central park in my hometown Sauðárkrókur because there is no square or community garden.

The concept of the design is mirroring the conflict about the area’s destiny. There have been many ideas of its purpose throughout the years but nothing has happened because people do not agree. By the bank North of the area is more structured planning of it as a square, indicating the buildings that have been planned for the area and it slowly becomes wilder as it goes south, becoming a park in the middle and a wild forest in the South end, indicating the parks that have been planned for the area. In my design proposal is a sustainable water system and sculptures of endangered bird species to remind people of effects of their lifestyle on nature and it inhabitants.

The garden is supposed to bring people of the town together, encourage more outside activities, make their health better, be the pride and joy of the town and be accessible for everyone.